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About - Dylan's Destinations
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        Hello and welcome to my page! I’m thrilled you’re interested in traveling. I hope my site inspires you to take risks and challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone. I hope I inspire you to Travel. Grow. Explore. Originally, I was born in Colorado, but at a young age, my family relocated to Ada, Oklahoma. While there is not a lot to do in rural Oklahoma, this gave me plenty of time to daydream. I dreamed about running through the busy streets of Manhattan, exploring the narrow streets of Paris and getting lost in a sea of people in Tokyo. Since my head was always in the clouds, I developed a passion that would forever alter the path of my life: Travel.

      As a child, my parents took me all across the United States. We were always traveling. In high school, I selected to take French and that’s when my entire life changed. I became not only obsessed with learning the language but more importantly, using language to build a bridge of commonality to connect with people I may have never had the opportunity to understand. 

        Currently, I reside in Los Angeles and visit frequently to Paris. Although I love France and Paris will always be home, for the time being, my life needs to be in the States and specifically in Los Angeles. Yet, my zest for international travel will never stop.

        Welcome to Dylan’s Destinations. Take a glance at my blog, photography and more. Feel free to connect with me on my socials. I’m excited you’re here. Where to next? On y va! 


-Dylan Ward Cunningham